How many times have you hopped into your truck for a quick run for milk and bread and since the store is only a few blocks away you didn't buckle up your seatbelt? If you say 'never' then today's brownie points go to you.

Statistically, fewer pickup drivers wear seatbelts than do car drivers, and in Louisiana pickups are 27% of the traffic on all roads. Worse, pickups are twice as likely to roll over in a crash than a car.

According to Calcasieu Parish Sherrif Tony Mancuso, that simple snap could mean the difference between death and serious injury and walking away from a crash simply shaken up.

The "Buckle Up in Your Truck" safety campaign comes to the parish on Thursday, April 26th. The CPSO will set up a checkpoint at a now secret location and target pickups with occupants not wearing seatbelts.

The sheriff's department simply wants you to avoid becoming a statistic they have to peel off the shoulder with shovels and squeegees.

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