Wow! Paula Deen has certainly gone from the 'charming' cooking host to the most reviled person in America in a very short time.

No need to rehash everything that has happened up until now because you'd have to live in a cave not to know what's up with that.

She lost her TV show, she lost some very important endorsements and the good news just keeps pouring in.

Now, fellow Southerners, Walmart has announced that they, too, will be dropping the entire line of Paula Deen's products as soon as possible. Walmart has carried deen's line of cookware since 2011.


Deen does have her supporters out there in the cooking industry. Tasty Blends Foods of Frasiers Bottom, W.Va, Landies Candies in Buffalo, N.Y., Springer Mountain Farms and six others have all sent letters of support to Deen's camp.

None of the 9 companies supporting Deen are supporting her use of the word that started this whole firestorm. they are merely supporting the lady herself. I'm sure this isn't the end of this story.


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