Weekends seem to get shorter every week! And July is Saturday!

There was baseball on TV Saturday from lunchtime to almost bedtime; happily the Rangers played early so it was easy to take that afternoon nap. Those announcers are so boring. There are even more stats now. They show an “exit velocity” on a home run and a “launch angle”, too. Sorry, but so what? And why do players spit so much?

We did indeed don our “cloaks of invisibility” In the produce department of the new grocery store. Didn’t take long to find empty shelves on Friday night, just like In the old store, but at least they had baggers this week!

I saw my first campaign sign for the election in October while I was driving to work this morning. I know, but it’ll be here before you know it!

Got behind a “student driver” one morning last week. Doing 20 in a 30 miles per hour zone. Couldn’t pass because we were on Shell Beach Drive, and he did not move into the right hand lane when we got to the light at Clarence Street. When I took driver’s ed one of first things we were taught was “go the speed limit” and stay in the right hand lane except to pass or make left turns.

Looks like a typical summer week ahead. Enjoy!

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