We all know that New Orleans can be a very dangerous place to visit and this video just may scare you out of wanting to visit that city. Still, there are security cameras everywhere and the odds of catching the bad guys is greater than ever. You may find the violence in this video disturbing.

Just before 11p.m. on Saturday night, in the 200 block of Bienville, two men were just walking down the street when the video shows two other men enter the picture and attack the two pedestrians from behind.

The violence intensifies as we see one of the victims tackled and wrestled to the ground, but his friend, appears to be unconscious on the sidewalk. The crime itself is bad enough, but as the video progresses we can see two other muggers enter the picture to "help out" in the crime.

As brazen as the 4 muggers may appear to be, it only takes the appearance of two other pedestrians to scare them off. At that point our two brave assailants turn and run.

The NOPD released the video in hopes that someone would come forward to identify these four jerks so that they can be locked up where they belong.



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