If you're a Seinfeld fan, you probably have to only hear a few words of a description of the plot to know exactly which episode is being referred to. If someone says, "close talker" or "low talker" you can easily call up that episode. In this case think of "the Elaine Dance" because that's pretty much what this lady does in the video. The thing is; I don't think she's trying to copy Elaine.

I don't have any idea what the setting is in this video, but there was obviously some drinking and dancing going on. This woman was so caught up in the music that she was really feeling it and just couldn't stop herself from dancing. the only drawback is that she can't dance. I say she gets some points for enthusiasm if nothing else.

There's another thing to watch for in this video. Notice how much moving around she is doing. She can barely walk much less dance, but watch the drink in her hand. I find it very telling that, even though she appears to have no coordination at all, she doesn't spill a drop of her drink. Now that's what I call dancing.

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