Baseball season is about one third over and we just finished the NBA and NHL seasons. What’s wrong with that picture?

ESPN announced last week they’re bringing back Hank Williams Jr’s. “Are You Ready For Some Football” for Monday Night Football this season. I’m guessing NBC will still use Carrie Underwood for their opening theme on Sunday night. OK, she’s nice to look at, but do we really need theme songs for football? Do CBS and the NFL Network have opening themes?

Why does Facebook show stuff from 15 hours ago before it shows stuff from one minute ago when my newsfeed is set on “most recent”?

I find it odd that my wife’s work cell phone, on the nation’s largest 4g lte network, doesn’t ring at the house; goes straight to voice mail and her personal cell phone, on the nation’s second largest 4g lte network, doesn’t ring at her office!

Always amused at my co-workers who take the last donut and leave the empty box on the table.

Why is it that when the alarm goes off during the week you have to drag yourself out of bed, but on the weekend, when you don’t set it, you wake up at like 5:30am?

I seem to be on a Lesley Gore kick lately, listening to her songs from '60s.

Best tattoo I’ve seen? A hand on the back of a woman’s leg!

Have a great day!

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