It's always cool when you find a video about our area. This, was obviously shot to promote tourism in our area, but there is a glaring mistake. The headline on the article spells Louisiana as "Luisiana." Pretty bad, but as far as I'm concerned, that's not the only mistake they made in this video.

Now, I'm not from here, but I feel that I am a native by the sheer fact that I've lived here longer than I lived in my hometown. And, while I'm not Cajun, I also feel that I have a right to point out that, in the segment touting the food in our area, I saw something I don't agree with. They showed tomatoes in their seafood gumbo. To me, that's as bad as making gumbo with okra.

Maybe that's just a personal thing, but I just don't like okra and tomatoes in my gumbo. Yes, I know that the word "gumbo" means okra, but that doesn't mean you have to wreck a perfectly good bowl of gumbo. People in SWLA are pretty particular about their gumbo and I don't know a soul that uses tomatoes or okra.

At any rate, check out this short video promoting all the things to see and do in Lake Charles. How many did they leave out? Oh, and check out the spelling of "Louisiana."

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