On Friday morning's program I had the honor of interviewing two very nice young ladies from the Southwest Louisiana Center for Health Services. During that interview, Leticia and Ashley informed me that Louisiana has some of the highest breast and cervical cancer incidents in the nation. Early screening is the answer, of course, but not everyone has the insurance to make regular check-ups happen. Well, that's where the Louisiana Breast and Cervical Program comes into play.

Through this program, women between the ages of 21 and 64 who are uninsured or under-insured can qualify for free screenings. Women who meet the age, income and insurance status eligibility can take advantage of great health screenings including:

Clinical Breast Exams


Pelvic Exam

Pap Test

There are other test that are included in the program as needed.

Now, they don't provide treatment, however,they can help women diagnosed with cancer enroll in Medicaid or private health insurance.

If you or someone you know needs these vital services, you can call them directly to ask questions or to make an appoint. You'll also find some very helpful information on their WEBSITE.

Screenings can find cancer before there are any symptoms. If detected early, both breast and cervical cancer can be treated successfully.

Their number is: 337-439-9983 ext. 1177



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