The man's name is David Joyner and, even though you might not have ever heard of him, you're probably more than familiar with his work.  Between 1991 and 2001, David was the man in the Barney costume. Now, that may seem like something other than a dream role for an actor. After all, actors like to have their faces on camera, but DAvid isn't complaining, he's made a buck or two on the gig.

David says that wearing the costume can actually be work on some days. After all the costume weighs about 70 pounds and the temperature in that thing can get up to 120 degrees. Still, David loved playing the uber popular dino and says he made enough to buy a new house just off his residuals.

Prior to playing Barney, David was also able to get a college degree in electronic engineering technology that set him up with a very nice job at Texas Instruments. David worked there for several years before he auditioned for and got the part of Barney.

Following hi stint as Barney, David did guest spots on a bunch of TV shows . . . but now he's back in a furry animal costume on a YouTube show called "Hip Hop Harry".



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