Turf wars are not pretty. There's one going on in NYC right now with dollars at stake for the winner. One particular group is extremely aggressive.

The parties involved with this particular turf was say that one group is especially aggressive when it comes to staking their claim. It's not the Bloods or the Crips but, you might recognize the name.

No...all the people involved in this war agree that the dirtiest fight is...


This not your typical turf war. Vendors in the New York area are very protective of their "turf" especially since permits for such business are quite expensive. A year or so ago, a similar "war" broke out among hot dog vendors.

This new real estate battle is now being waged by....wait for it...Ice Cream vendors.  And according to all the other ice cream guys the most aggressive group are the men and women that sell Mr. Softee.  According to a rival gang, the Yago Frozen Yogurt gang," If you see a Mister Softee truck, you know bad things are coming."

Mr. Softee folks have been known to cut the brake lines of rival's trucks. Can you imagine the terror of zipping down the street at 2 mph and suddenly your brakes won't work? So far, no lives have been lost in the "Great Ice Cream Massacre of 2012." We'll keep you posted. Next thing you know, the Krishnas will be battling with the Jehovah's Witnesses about selling stuff at the airport!


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