This is not the first time that a news crew has inadvertently become a news story, but it is a tale filled with irony.

It seems the news crew was doing a story about a new app that will tell you which neighborhoods to avoid when they accidentally proved the app was right.

The app in question has stirred up a lot of controversy and some people even claim that it's racist. A CBS affiliate in Washing, D.C. decided to take the app into the field and put it to the test. Naturally, they went to an area described by the app as 'sketchy' to cover the story.

The reporter was busy doing the job of interviewing people about the app and while he was gathering public opinion, the TV station van was broken into and robbed of several thousand dollars worth of equipment.

Several stolen items later turned up in a dumpster, but many items are still missing. Is there an app for that?




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