A lot of changes this year with the turning of the calendar. As we saw recently, when it comes to federal changes, a sweeping new tax code is going into effect. There will also be some new laws, rules and regulations on the books right here in Louisiana that take effect in the new year.

We have just over 20 new laws that are now on the books in Louisiana. Due to these new laws, we'll find some changes for drivers-in-training as well as tax break programs and a new design on our license plates. One of the new laws on the books stipulates that public High Schools will be required to have an automated external defibrillators "if funding is available."

Business owners may find that they have a bit more paperwork to do starting this year. Business owners in 14 of Louisiana's most populous parishes will be required to file online all their business documents owed to the Secretary of State's office, such as name registrations and annual reports, rather than through paper documents.

There will be more education regarding the proper procedures to follow during a traffic stop. these procedures will also be taught in all driver training programs like driver's ed. The bill, sponsored by Bossier City Republican Senator Ryan Gatti, seeks to ease tension between citizens and law enforcement during traffic stops.

There are no broad sweeping tax changes like we saw nationwide, but there are a few minor adjustments going into effect this year. For example, if you want to donate to the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association, you can get an individual income tax check off.


Modest changes to Louisiana's tax laws will take effect. Renovations made to homes of people who have physical disabilities that require "barrier-free design elements" in a residence will have a nice deduction.

Not a lot of confusing stuff in there, just a few minor changes for 2018.


New license plates could soon be available to drivers as the new year begins, including specialty plates touting Acadiana High School, the Louisiana Patriot Guard Riders and the Sabine Pass Lighthouse and signifying a Blue Star Family who has had a family member serve in the military.

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