Next week is National Tourism Week and I just happened across this video featuring the top tourist attractions in the area. Check out the video and you may find some places you haven't seen even if you've lived here your whole life.

I was amazed to learn just how much tourism impacts our portion of the state. According to a news release from the Convention and Visitor's Bureau, Calcasieu Parish generated more than 66,000 hotel room stays and the economic impact on the area comes to the tune of $411 million dollars!

If you want to know more of the little known areas and attractions of the area, just head over to the Convention and Visitor's Bureau and start grabbing brochures. You can plan little weekend getaways and adventures and not even leave the area. I think you'll be amazed at some of the great sights and attractions we have to offer. 66,000 hotel rooms can't be wrong.


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