It's been a quiet summer in the tropics. A lot of people attribute that to the fact that El Nino is in effect and that usually does signal a quieter than normal tropical weather season.

Right now in the far Eastern Atlantic an invest has formed and it's called invest 96. by the way, in case you've ever wondered about the term invest, it's merely short for 'investigation.'

At any rate, The National Hurricane Center is giving this invest about a 50% chance of development over the next couple of days and a 70% chance of development over the next 5 days.

If everything play out just right for this area of disturbance, it will become our fourth named storm of the 2015 season and will be called "Danny." right now, while it does look like this will become at least a tropical depression if not a tropical storm, the long range prognosis isn't all that good in regards to the storms chance of survival, which is good news for everyone.

Also in the "good news" department is that it looks like, even if the storm can survive the wind shears in the Western Atlantic, the system will have little or no effect on the U.S.

Still, we need to start keeping a close eye on the tropics since we are now in peak hurricane season for this year. We'll keep you posted right here.





Any threat to the US looks very unlikely, but as we begin ramping up toward the peak of hurricane season over the next few weeks it’s important to stay tuned for updates!