I am a man who can bake with the best. I am secure enough in my masculinity to admit that. I make all the cookies, candies, pies and baked goods for the holidays every year. The only thing I ever had trouble with was my pecan pies would sometimes be runny. That was until I found the secret a couple of years ago.

Don Rivers

It's embarrassing when you holiday desserts are not perfect. It's even more embarrassing when you give a pecan pie as a gift and then find out it did not set properly. I was doing a catered remote broadcast a couple of years ago and spent some time talking with a cook for the caterer. I told her my pecan pie problem and she told me something that has resulted in nothing but perfect pecan pies. This is quite a feat when you consider I bake about 20 pies every holiday season. She told me to cook the filling on the stove before putting it in the pie. She explained to just cook it a little ...heat it slowly just to the point before it starts boiling. Then put it in the pie shell and bake it. This will also reduce your baking time by abot twenty minutes (depending on your oven.) I have never seen a pecan pie recipe that calls for you to pre-cook the filling like this and would have never found this secret had I not met that caterer. I thought I would share it with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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