I love the community of Sulphur and I especially love eating there.  These restaurants are not in any specific order, and there are many more I could list as well.


Dude, those potatoes though!  If you've been to Novrozsky's you know exactly what I'm talking about.  They're 2 potatoes with the ends cut off to make a humongous mound of awesomeness!  My favorite is the chicken fried steak potato, but I've had everyone of them on the menu and they're all a party in your mouth.  Plus their burgers are fresh and their deli sandwiches are top notch.  My favorite deli sandwich at Novrozsky's is the Californian.  If you love deep fried mushrooms, get it, because the ranch they use as a dipping sauce is something of legend.

Also interesting to note, they have a beef hamburger there that's healthier than chicken and turkey.  Don't believe me, go check it out.  And I know what your saying, "a healthy burger, that must taste terrible".  Actually, no, it's packed with flavor and very juicy!

Dairy Barn

First off, the Dairy Barn has a fun atmosphere with a train running around the top of the restaurant and the staff are always very friendly.  The Pierre Special is my go to, however all of their burgers are to die for.  Their beef is ground fresh every morning and it's seasoned perfectly.  Another thing to mention is that the toppings are always very fresh as well.   But the "P Spec" has texas toast for buns, 2 of those amazing beef patties, cheese, whatever toppings you would like, and their yummy yummy to my tummy jalapeno mayo.

I can't forget to shot out their shakes and malts.  They use Blue Bell ice cream (the best ice cream on the planet) and the results are always magical.  I go for the vanilla malt every time I am there, and yes their fries are amazing dipped in.

La Rumba

My family and I love Mexican food.  And if you think about it, apparently so does everyone else in SWLA.  I mean, the amount of Mexican food establishments are countless.  Anyways, the shredded chicken quesadillas are to DIE FOR!  They must marinate the chicken for at least 24 hours.  It's a flavor bomb in your mouth and they're even bigger than your plate!

I got to be honest, I haven't tried anything else there, because I can't get past the shredded chicken quesadillas, it's that amazing!

Hong Kong

I mean come on, this place is a SWLA eating institution!  You can't beat their egg rolls and it's an all you can eat buffet.  Everything on the buffet line is full of flavor and very well done.  They also have all you can eat sushi.  If I got the hankering for Oriental food and I'm in Sulphur, there's only one place I'm stopping.

Plus, their soft serve ice cream machine, in my opinion, flows of the best soft serve in SWLA.

Lebleu's Landing

In my mind you can't go wrong with a buffet, and a Cajun buffet...let me at it!  Everything from deep fried goodness to gumbo, to crawfish etouffee, and much more.  Some people say they don't season their food enough, but I get it, they're trying to get the I-10 traffic to stop in and they don't want to ruin some Yankee's stomach lining.  Just do what I do, ask them for some Tony's Chachere and go to work on this all you can eat buffet.

Honorable Mention:

Sulphur was the first place that I ever experienced the greatness that is Fox's Pizza Den.  The owners are very friendly and the staff is always very nice.  And yes, the food is amazing.  The nacho cheese dip for the cheese bread sticks is a must.  The pizza, the wings, the hoagies, the strombolis, are all extremely tasty.  Everything is so fresh and served hot.

My go to is the Italian Wedgie.  I know, I know it sounds funny but you have to try this thing.  The wedgie is an open faced sandwich using pizza crust as the bun, like you would do with pita bread.

It's made with baked Ham, hard salami, cotto salami, melted Fox’s cheese blend, onions, lettuce, tomato and gourmet Italian dressing.  When I say this Italian dressing is the best I have ever had in my life, I mean it.  It's thick and it coats the sandwich perfectly.  This sandwich is fantastic and it will make you want to order another one to go!

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