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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you're from SWLA you know that it's all about the flavor we can get from the Thanksgiving smorgasbord.

1.  Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning

Obviously I don't need to say much here.  Tony's is a SWLA seasoning staple and can be used on practically everything. Yes, I mean everything. To be shy with the Tony's this Thanksgiving.

2.  Louisiana Cajun Butter Marinade With Injector

You gotta bring your turkey to the next level by injecting it.  One of my favorite flavors is Cajun butter. Turkey by itself is very bland, this injector kit will help provide the added flavor you need for Thanksgiving in SWLA.

3. Turkey Fryer Kit

Look, if you're going to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving in SWLA, it has to be fried.  Please take my advice on this one.  A fried turkey is not only flavorful, it's extremely juicy.

4. LouAna Peanut Oil

Peanut oil has a high smoke point and neutral taste which makes it perfect for frying foods. It's also low in saturated fat and high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, making it one of the healthier oils.

5. The Real Cajun Thanksgiving Cookbook

If you're looking to make all of your Thanksgiving dishes to have a Cajun twist, then this cookbook is perfect for you.


6. Tony Chachere Creole Instant Roux Mix, 4 pounds

I know a lot of people in SWLA will be making gumbo for Thanksgiving.  So you'll need a lot of roux to make in that big pot for the whole family.


7. Plush Turkey Gobbler Hat

File this under, "why not, it's Thanksgiving".  Plus it will give your family a good laugh whenever they turn the corner and see you cooking in a turkey hat.


8. Crystal Louisiana's Pure Hot Sauce

And last be certainly not least, you can't have a Thanksgiving in SWLA with a Louisiana style hot sauce.  My favorite is also the official hot sauce of the LSU Tigers.

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