Days after losing Mary Tyler Moore we've lost another 70's TV idol to 2017 - Mike Connors the star of the television series Mannix, passed away Thursday night in Los Angeles at 91, after being diagnosed only a week ago with Leukemia.

In an age when the monkey-see monkey-do copy-cat television programming had moved on from westerns to 'detectives', such as Jack Lord in Hawaii Five-O and William Conrad as Cannon - Mannix, starring Connors was distinguished by lots of car chases, fist fights and shoot'em ups. And in an era before Alan Alda's touchy-feely sensitive depiction of surgeon Hawkeye on M.A.S.H., the square-jawed Mannix rarely if ever displayed any kind of emotion after a rough day at the office.

One of the highest earning actors on tv in his day, Connors was the star for the full eight season run of Mannix (1967-75), the actor had one co-star, loyal secretary "Peggy" played by Gail Fisher.



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