Once the mere mention of the word Kraken would send chills down a seafarers spine – now the mythical mile long sea monster actually lives in the Gulf of Mexico, as an artificial fishing reef.  A derelict cargo vessel, some 371 feet long and named after the creature of myth was recently sunk 67 miles off Galveston by the Texas Parks and Wildlife.

The Kraken
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Mariners of old would watch the seas, and when bubbles appeared on the surface, or jumping fish breached the surface or when sailing through schools of jelly fish, the ancient sailors just knew a Kraken was down there and about to rise from Davy Jones Locker to swamp their boat and drown them for its supper.

And now we know for sure, the great Kraken lives on the bottom of the sea in about 140 feet of water in the form of the new artificial reef.

Scientists say there once may have actually been a Kraken; Ichthyosaur bones have been found in which the rib cages appear to have been crushed, killing the animal. Ichthyosaurs or giant sea-lizards lived millions of years ago in the oceans and grew as large as modern day whales.  Only another creature as large as Krakens could have done that kind of damage by crushing the rib cage with its giant tentacles.

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Actually, in a brief search over the Internets, I found no scientific absolute proof that Krakens themselves aren’t still alive, out there deep in the unknowns.

Let’s go fishing!

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