Back in 2013 Kecee Clint Lewis of Lake Charles made a bid for the city council. Lewis ran again in the spring of this year and finished last out of four candidates. Today Lewis finds himself in another situation; he's been charged with three counts of kidnapping and a few other charges as well.

According to the charges against him,back in June, Lewis stole a car occupied by the victim, a 14 year-old boy and an infant girl. It's alleged that Lewis drove the car from the recycling center on 1st Avenue to an unnamed tire store on Broad Street. While at the tire shop, Lewis is alleged to have injured the man in the car.

The indictment was returned against Lewis yesterday (Thursday) in state district court. According to the indictment, Lewis has been charged with second-degree kidnapping, tow counts of simple kidnapping and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Other charges against Lewis may still be pending.




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