A bill that will allow school employees to pray with students during school hours advanced out of the House Education Committee yesterday with a 10-4 vote.

The bill is coined the “permission-slip-to-pray” bill, and it essentially states that students would be able to pray with educators if their parents return a permission slip stating that a certain teacher or coach has permission pray with their child.  The Louisiana Senate unanimously passed the bill last month.

Michelle Ghetti, a Southern University constitutional law professor voiced her concern over the new bill:

I can guarantee you, if this law passes, we will be sued. The state will be sued. - Michelle Ghetti

Some believe that this bill is unconstitutional and would violate the federal mandate of the separation of church and state.

Several students testified in favor of the bill and stated that they look up to teachers and would want the opportunity to pray with them if they felt they needed it during school hours.

Do you believe that teachers should have the right to pray with students during school hours?  Let us know your thoughts.

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