Everyone, and I mean everyone, in SWLA is always on the never-ending search for the best prices for crawfish...we got your back like a chiropractor.

Our friends over at KPLC update a crawfish price list every friday!

Boiled Crawfish
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Here's some of the best crawfish prices in SWLA:

  • Paradise Daiquiris, Moss Bluff, $4.30 per pound
  • Hickory Smoke House, DeRidder, $4.99 per < 10 pounds / $4.79 per pound for 10+ pounds
  • Roy’s Meat Market, Iowa, $5 per pound
  • J and R Crawfish, Kinder, $5 per pound
  • John Mo’s Crawdads LLC, Iowa, $5.14 per pound
  • Country Club Crawfish, Lake Charles, $5.29 per pound< 10 pounds/ $4.99 per pound for 10+ pounds
  • Boulet’s Boil-N-Go, Sulphur, $5.29 per pound/ $4.99 for 15+ pounds
  • And Many More!

For the entire list and to find locations near you, click here.

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