One thing a lot of people ask me about is my involvement with local theater. Most of all, they want to know if there are any programs to get the kids involved and I usually don't have much of an answer for them, but, thanks to Lake Charles Little Theater, I now have something to offer.

Starting June 5th and running through the 24th, Lake Charles Little Theater will present it's "Second Stage Company" and kids between the ages of 8 and 18 can learn all sorts of things about theater. It's a great experience, kids love it and it's more than slightly educational.

My daughter was involved in theater before she was 8 and it's been a life-long love for her. Even if your kids aren't interested in getting on stage and acting, there are so many things to learn about back stage and what goes on behind the scenes while the audience is enjoying the play.

The Second Stage Summer Camp is 15 days of workshops and classes about acting, singing, dancing, creative writing and a million other things including costumes, lighting and stage design.

I promise you that the course is far from boring and, chances are, your kids will carry that love of theater throughout their lives.

If you'd like some more information just click HERE

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