You know the old story. For decades now, every national poll that has come out has pretty much trashed Louisiana for a variety of reasons, but according to a new poll conducted by U.S. Tourism Quality, the Lake Charles area is the #2 small-town destination for vacationers in the country.

The destinations are ranked based upon a number of factors including; culture, entertainment, sightseeing, sports, adventure, culinary, and lodging. Just a few short years ago, the Lake Area would have never shown up in such a poll. National polls such as the one prepared by U.S. Tourism Quality carry a lot of weight with travel magazines and publications, as well as tourist agencies.

Shelly Johnson, executive director of the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau, said:

With everyone working together, great things can be accomplished, from hosting successful events, conferences, media tours or the individual leisure traveler."

According to the report, Here's how various small-town destinations ranked:

#1 - Tallahassee, Florida

#2 - Lake Charles, Louisiana

#3 - Bend, Oregon

#4 - Augusta, Georgia

#5 - Greenville, South Carolina

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