The National Confectioners Association polled about 1,400 people, and found that 72% of parents plan to rummage about in their kid's Halloween candy and take out their favorites. 72%? I submit that 100% of parents go through their kid's candy and take what they want. Its sort of a "right of passage" for grown-ups.

It's a time-honored tradition to pilfer your kid's candy.  I know my parents went through my candy, but it seemed kosher for them to do that. My folks were good about leaving me plenty of good stuff, but I know they went through and picked out the cool candy bars. Here are a few stats about Halloween candy:

1. According to the research, just under 80% of us will even buy Halloween candy for the neighborhood kids. Most of that candy will be snack-sized versions of major candy bars.

2. It should come as no surprise that chocolate bars come in first on the candy bar list. In fact, a whopping 68% of people polled said that chocolate is the only way to go. Still, candy corn came in 2nd with 10% of the vote, and the lowly chewy or gummy candies came in at a pathetic 7%. I don't know about you, but I always hated getting gum and such for Halloween.The only thing worse than getting gum or something like that is getting an apple. What are these people thinking?

3. When it comes to allowing access to the loot, 85% of parents say they distribute the candy over several days so that their little tyke doesn't over-indulge. It's interesting that 26% of parents say that they do not allow their kids access to the candy at all. That hardly seems fair, since the kid went out and did all the work. Isn't that against the Coogan Law or something?

72% of parents say they plan to raid their kid's Halloween candy this year. 72%, mind you! That stat tells me one thing for sure: 28% of parents are liars. Come on, face it, you dig out your favorites when your kid isn't looking.

Here are some more stats on Halloween Candy, from Cision Newswire.

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