Kids will upstage you every time. I've worked on stage with kids and they are just natural scene grabbers. I don't care how great you're doing n a show, if have a scene with a kid, nobody is looking at you. No sir! All eyes are glued to the kid because they're just so darn precocious.

I really feel fr the meteorologist in this video. He just wants to get his day over, when along comes the kid of the station attorney. Now, this kid is one of those forces of nature that just can't be contained. A real future type "A" personality, because he's not shy at all about wandering on to the set and loudly declaring that the weather would be "farts and toots."   So, the kid thinks nothing about going in and interrupting the weather forecast live on the air and then adding his prediction was for "farts and toots."

As the video ends, we see a grown up enter the frame and grab the kid and pull him out of the shot. I wonder if that was his dad. I may not know much, but I can tell you that I'll bet the kid got has backside "tanned" as my mom used to say. Still, I have to go with some advice I gave me daughter when she was younger. I once told her, "everything going to be fine as long as you get a funny story out of it. I'm sure that, this story was pretty funny right away. Unless you're the kid's dad!

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