With so much negative going on in the world, it's good to see a "serious" agency taking a light-hearted detour from the more serious stuff.

The National Weather Service in Lake Charles has issued a not-so-severe cold weather warning:

I follow the Lake Charles National Weather Service Twitter feed and when this one popped up, I almost spit coffee all over my monitor. When I read the Tweet for the second time, I read it in this guy's voice:


My hat is off to "Donald" and the rest of the staff at the Lake Charles office of the National Weather Service, as they've had a heck of a year keeping us well-informed ahead of the storms that threatened our area past season. I am sure that they were breathing a sigh of relief when they woke up this morning, realizing that Hurricane Season is finally over.

To see them expressing their humorous side at this time is quite refreshing.

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