If you had to abandon your vehicle in the middle of the road yesterday because it flooded out, you need to go back and get it. Local officials said they are going to try and give everyone a break, given the circumstances. So, if your lost your vehicle to the floodwater and it's on the side of the road, do the best you can to remove it as soon as possible.

However, if your vehicle is blocking traffic or is in the middle of the road, it must be moved immediately. You don't want someone to hit it, if nothing else. Plus, Sheriff Mancuso announced today during the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury weather briefing that they (or other law/city officials) would have to have them towed because of the safety issue. That could end up costing a lot of unnecessary money because the owner would be responsible for towing and impound fees.

Stay safe and dry everyone. An as a rule of thumb, do not drive through floodwater.

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