I know you're wondering just how to survive should we experience a zombie invasion here in Southwest Louisiana. Well, I have the answer and I'll share it with you.

The Walking Dead  has become a huge hit and the season opener drew a great audience. Which got us to thinking; suppose we had a zombie invasion, what would we do?

Well, luckily we have the advice of an expert in the form of a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation. When asked what people should do in case of a zombie invasion, they responded by saying, 'nothing.'

That's right we wouldn't have to do a thing. Why? Because Mother nature would take over.

According to  the National Wildlife Federation, if there WAS a zombie outbreak, we could just kick back and chill . . . while ANIMALS saved us.

He says animals would quickly end a zombie invasion, because they'd immediately smell all that DEAD FLESH before the zombies could infect us, then ATTACK and EAT all the zombies.

The animals who'd become our greatest allies in fending off the zombies are: Condors, ravens, crows, buzzards, seagulls, bears, wolves, mountain lions, jaguars, moose, bison, elk, crocodiles, alligators, maggots, and beetles.

Which begs the question; what would we do in case of a moose invasion?


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