We all know that everything is going high tech these days and that includes holiday decorations. It seems that Halloween decorations are among the most high tech out there and this one in particular is amazing and more than just a little bit scary. this guy has put together a Zombie Containment Unit and even watching it makes you look back over your shoulder.

I can't even imagine what this display cost to build, but there's nothing cheesy or half done about this one. If there was such a thing as a Zombie Containment Unit, I know it would look just like this Halloween decoration.

There's nothing left out in the way of reality either. the guy has made it where the walls bulge out when he begins trying to escape the unit and at one point, it looks like the glass window separating you and the zombie shatters. Just as the glass "shatters" there is a huge blast of air from the unit. Again, I can only guess at the cost of this Halloween effect, but I know I've got to have one for next year.

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