It's time for a look back at my favorite music set of the week on 92.9 The Lake. We'll add the video this time. Enjoy a look back to Thursday morning from 9:50 until 10:20.


Sometimes it is very difficult to find a video for some of our favorite classic songs. You have to remember that they had not even thought of music videos in 1973. We start today with some excellent audio (like the spin?) from King Harvest.

Hope you are ready to rock now. Joan Jett picks it up a notch. Here's the iconinc rock anthem "I Love Rock and Roll."

We kicked off the 10:00 AM hour that morning with a performance that embodies all that was great about Michael Jackson. Enjoys some of his signature moves on this classic video.

You are going to love the video glimpse back in time on this one. Let's venture back to 1968 for our next song.

You can't play Classic Hits without playing this one. Here is rare footage of an American classic from 1972.

Our journey back to last Thurday morning on 92.9 The Lake ironically ends with Journey. I have seen the band with the new lead singer and it is a great show. I just love the originals though. Here is a performance featuring Steve Perry from 1980 in Houston.

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