I really didn’t do too much while I was off the past week. Had the infamous “honey-do” list at which I worked a couple of hours each morning. The rest of each day was spent doing “vacation things” at the urging of my wife who was off the first couple of days of my vacation.

Monday we did the famous move the furniture and sweep under it routine, then had lunch at Luna’s downtown, which is kind of a tradition. She went back to work on Tuesday and I did cleaning and stuff, till she called and said she was coming home early since they were having computer problems at the office.

Wednesday was playing outside in the dirt day. We bought some plants to replace those that had expired over the last year or so. That’s kind of a tradition, too. Most everything we plant in the ground usually dies, which I don’t understand because we used to have huge garden when we lived in Delaware. Must be the dirt. We have better luck with planting things in big pots. That works quite well.

That afternoon I was really feeling the need for ice cream. Stopped at the local drive-in place and was told “I’m sorry but we have someone working on our ice cream machine”, ya know, like that other fast food place that always does maintenance on their ice cream machine on Sundays. So I drove to the other ice cream place in town, to find two cars waiting at the order window and figured that was going to take ten minutes. So I went home. The last time I went inside for ice cream it took ten minutes to get it. Good thing she didn’t turn it upside down cuz it was half melted!

Thursday, we decided to have lunch out at the fast food place downtown because it would be close to my wife’s office. Walked inside and instantly knew something was wrong by the number of people waiting for their food. It took fifteen minute to get our food. Yep, fifteen minutes. It was hot though!!

Friday was by far the day I did the least. Found BBC America was showing the original Star Trek series all day long. Fascinating, as Mr. Spock would say.

So I return to work well rested and ready to go until everything starts to run together again.

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