If you sold all your stock in United Airlines and bought American Airlines instead, I have some bad news for you. Now, it seems that American Airlines had an incident over the weekend that you know good and well threw their PR department into a spiral. It seems that one of their flight attendants got a little snippy with a passenger and the next thing you know, this big nasty cat fight got started.

For whatever reason was skating through the flight attendants mind, a woman passenger entered the plane carrying 15-month-old twins and a stroller and the flight attendant in question grabbed the stroller out of the woman's hands nearly hitting the twins in the process, Well, that went over like a lead balloon and mom wasn't about to have anyone treating her like that or putting her twins in jeopardy, so the cat fight ensued.

A KISH (Knight in Shining Armor) appeared out of nowhere and told Mr. Flight Attendant, "Hey bud, you do that to me and I'll knock you flat. It might enhance your enjoyment of this story if you read that quote like John Wayne." The flight attendant hissed back, "You stay out of this."

I could go on telling you about it for three or four more paragraphs, but how about if I just let you watch this thrilling tag team mid-air match.


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