Okay, let me start off by admitting that the picture that goes with this story is not a picture of hash browns. I couldn't find a picture of hash brown without paying a bunch of money to use it on the website so I just picked out the picture that looked the tastiest,

So, there are these two big manufacturers of hash browns, Roundy's and Harris Teeter, and these tow companies have on thing in common other than the fact that they buy and sell a ton of potatoes. No sir, it seems that both brands of hash browns contain an ingredient that one doesn't usually find in a bag of frozen hash browns.

That secret ingredient is..... Gold Balls! Yes, there are shredded up pieces of gold balls in the bags of hash browns. The companies in question have a simple explanation as to why there are gold balls in their hash browns. According to a a company spokesperson, from time to time, gold balls are harvested along with the potatoes.

Well, I hate to be inquisitive, but what do they mean that sometimes golf balls are harvested along with the potatoes. There is no explanation as to why the gold balls are there to be harvested. Are they near a driving range? Is there a gold course adjoining the potato patch? Who knows? Well, I have a theory about how the gold balls got in the potatoes.

Many years ago I knew a man that had a soybean field and one day, there was a knock at this door and who should be standing there but this professional golfer who will remian nameless. Mostly because I don't remember his name. Anyway, he asked this friend of mine if he could use his field as a driving range.

Well, I think that's exactly what happened in this case and, since I'm the one doing the assuming, I'm going to stick with my theory. Back when all this transpired, my friend used to bring me buckets of golf balls that he found in his fields. Now I really feel cheated. Not once did he bring me any hash browns.

Okay; here are the details on the recall: Don't sweat it unless you bought your hash browns in Wisconsin or someplace like that. The recall does not extend to Louisiana.




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