While many are still getting or trying to receive benefits from FEMA for Hurricane Laura, when there are two or more disasters declared for the same designated area, FEMA works to make sure applicants receive all available help while preventing duplicating federal benefits.

This is the case with Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta. If you have already registered for FEMA assistance for Hurricane Laura, this is how you can prepare for Delta. Keep all of your receipts for replacements already completed along with related items including:

  • Home repair and replacement
  • Repairs to a septic system, water well or private road
  • Purchase of a generator or chainsaw
  • Replacement of personal property items such as appliances
  • Transportation
  • Insurance settlement or denial information for Laura
  • Use of funds for rental assistance if possible

Survivors should take photos before any potential new damage from Delta and again after any new damage. If you register with FEMA for more than one disaster, keep in mind that if you experience damage from Hurricane Delta, you must register with FEMA again.

Here are some things you should understand before there is any confusion. FEMA will not pay for duplicate losses of items but they may provide help for new damage caused by the second disaster.

  • FEMA will verify disaster-caused damage by comparing inspection reports, appeal estimates, and receipts.
  • FEMA is aware of which households applied for help in Hurricane Laura. If the household applies for help after Hurricane Delta, FEMA will work with the applicant.
  • FEMA will also coordinate with homeowners who report additional damage to their primary home and then experience loss at the temporary residence where they relocated to after Hurricane Laura.
  • All renters who report additional personal property damage due to the new disaster should apply using their location at the time of the second event. For rental assistance or additional information, log on here.
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