I am a big word fan. Seriously, There are so many great words that very people bother to use. I'm a crossword nut and I love to learn a new word to add to my vocabulary. Having said that, There are some words we have that we don't need and there are a couple of words we need that we don't have. Let me give you an example.

How about the word, "To"...or is it 'to" or maybe "two." Do we really need three words all pronounced the same and spelled three different ways? How about "there", "their" and "they're?" Three different spellings, three different meaning and, if you read the comments on YouTube, very few people know the difference. Seems like we could have used a bit more imagination when we were coming up with words. It's sort of like whomever named the streets in Galveston.

I spent a lot of my formative years in Galveston and one thing was always kind of weird to me. Just off the beach front there are  streets named after letters of the alphabet. Well, that covers 26 streets, right? No, they have streets named "A 1/2" and "O 1/2." Seriously? It's an island! It's only going to have so many streets. Were they afraid that they would run out of street names? I can understand such names in a big city like New York, but Galveston?

Anyway, getting back to my word on words, there are a couple of words I'd like to see added to the lexicon.

Have you ever noticed that some words just don't sound correct. Let me give you an example: More than one duplex is duplexes. that just sounds like a made-up word. Duplexes is as bad as Kleenexes. Now, you could just use the word in it's root form to indicate plurality. You know, kind of like more than one deer is still called "deer", right? that would work, but I'd like to suggest that more than one duplex be referred as "dupliceese." ie "I own a duplex on Avenue O 1/2 in Galveston." Make it plural and it becomes "there are many dupliceese on Avenue O1/2." See how much more correct that sounds. Let's move on to another word I'd like to see added.

Now stay with me on this one. Earlier I mentioned the word "To, Two Too>" Well, if we can have those three spellings why can't we have a variation on the word, "so?" I'd like to suggest a word that would be more expressive. Let's say you text someone that you are sorry for something. Naturally, you would text, "I'm so sorry." Well, that's all well and good, but lets make the word even more expressive by adding the word "soo" to our language. Then, the message becomes, "I am soo sorry." See how sincere that is? You're not just "sorry" you are "soo Sorry." It adds legitimacy to the comment. It indicates a true level of contrition over having performed some social slight.

With all the ambiguity of texted messages, I think these words would clear up a lot of confusion. Are you with me on this? I think I'm going to do a whole book about how to make texts less ambiguous. I'm going to call it "How to Speak Texteese."

Don't think this little article didn't drive my Spell Check crazy.

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