Okay, boys and girls, the people who want us all to be terribly PC are on my last nerve. All of a sudden it seems that a very small but vocal group of people who claim to stand for what's right and fair want to ban anything and everything that, in one's wildest imagination, could offend someone.

I have no problem with not making belittling anyone or something like that. I'm talking about when we completely overthink everything and go looking for reasons to be offended.

Still, I guess that, as broadcasters, we should be mindful of songs and material that might cause someone anguish and I think the industry is capable of thinking like a P.C. Bob and, with that thought in mind, I am banning that terribly insensitive song by Gayla Peavy called 'I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.' Now, why, you may well ask, would I think about banning that silly Christmas favorite?

Well, you have to think like a person that is so P.C. that they can't see straight.

Here's the thought behind the Hippo song.

While we may think of Hippos as gentle giants, they are actually very aggressive and deadly. In fact, they are one of the 10 deadliest large animals on earth. Each year hundreds of people are killed in areas where hippos are indigenous. There's nothing cute or funny about that so we need to ban the song just in case someone who has lost a loved one to a hippo doesn't get offended.

A feel so much better now. Tomorrow, I'll tell you why we should ban 'The Chipmunk Song."

In the meantime, just listen to this insensitive, uncaring song once again.



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