You might remember when DeQuincy was hit by fake news sites last year -- they reported that twerking had been outlawed there. It wasn't true, of course. But once again, the fake news bandits have struck at poor, defenseless DeQuincy.  This time, they claim polygamy has been legalized there.

Again, not true.

Last time, it was the fake news site National Report.  This time, the polygamy story is popping up on News Examiner. Both stories are supposedly the brainchild of Paul Horner, who claims to have a friend in DeQuincy named Brandon Adams.

In the past three years, whenever I needed a crap town to base my story in, I’ve used the town of DeQuincy, Louisiana. My friend Brandon Adams said there is like 4,000 people that live there and all they do is drink Old Milwaukee’s Best and beat their wives. I only pick on them because, they threatened me first with castration [NSFW]. -- Paul Horner

Well, that does seem fair.  Castration is a pretty big gun to pull out, DeQuincy.  You're not supposed to feed the trolls like that.

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