The FBI is currently searching for the "unknown person" who lured two young girls via the Internet from Florida to meet up in Baton Rouge.

Hillary, Flickr
Hillary, Flickr

Two Young Florida Girls Lured To Baton Rouge Via Internet

Thursday morning, April 6, the Union County Sheriff's Office in Florida issued an alert for missing children, Jade Gregory, 12, and Khloe Larsen, 14.

Union County Deputies believed the two girls were headed toward Baton Rouge to meet someone they had met online.

Authorities thankfully took the two juveniles into custody at the Alabama-Florida border.

The 12-year-old stole her father's car, picked up her friend, and then the two headed toward Baton Rouge.

While traveling towards Louisiana, the two girls saw themselves on a missing children alert on TV at a gas station in Alabama and turned themselves in to local authorities.

Authorities, including the FBI, believe the girls met the individual online, but as of now, this person hasn't been identified.

From WBRZ -

"Officials in Florida said the girls have not been cooperating with the investigation. They expect to interview the girls with the help of federal investigators once they're released from custody in Alabama."

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