Pokes Beat By Sam Houston -- LSU Wins AT Florida
McNeese was simply beat on both sides of the ball at Sam Houston and took a 38-22 loss. LSU won 30-27 at Florida with a last second field goal.
The Bearkats marched right down the field on their first possession and put it in the end zone...
McNeese Runs Over Nicholls--LSU Loses To Auburn
It looks like our only chance for a Louisiana college championship is resting with the McNeese State Cowboys. McNeese rolled last night while the Tigers were embarrassed by Auburn. LSU's two conference losses will make winning the SEC very tough...
New Floating Theme Park to Anchor off of Florida
Why didn't I think of this? No room to build a water park or land just too expensive? Well why not build it on a rig like an oil well and anchor it just offshore. It could be a water theme park rig and educational center (or just an April Fools prank.)

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