As they say, "dogs are people, too." I'm convinced that, for the most part, that statement is true. They really are amazing creatures and they seem to learn things all on their own. Also, there's no arguing with their innate sense of time.

I've only had my dog, Hank for about a year now and I no longer have to set my alarm to get up in the morning. I guess he figured out what time I get up and now, he thinks it's his job to make sure I'm up. if he waited for the alarm to go off I'd say that that's how he learned the time to get up, but that's not the way it's works. Hank is at my bedside every morning telling me to get up and he does so before the alarm goes off. Not a long time before it goes off, just a few minutes.

Well, I can identify with the family in this video. the family dog obviously knows when bedtime is: It's when you turn off the TV They filmed him performing the act several times and every time the TV goes off, the dog hot-foots it to his bed.

Atren'y dogs amazing?


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