DIY Ant Killer
It's always this time of year when I begin to notice little sugar ants coming through my kitchen window and through my bathroom window. I don't want to spray pesticides around my home since we have little pets and baby tomatoes growing around that area that could get exposed.  So nat…
Exfoliating Cubes
We all want to have brighter and smoother looking skin but what's a girl to do? You can go to the spa and get a facial, a chemical peel or a microabrasion.
DIY House Painting
A single broken board on my house led to my bright idea that we could DIY paint the whole thing. Google could help, or so I thought. Know what you're getting into before paint even hits the brush.
Make Your Own Charcoal
It's almost time to start that backyard grilling again and, of course, that means a lot of people will be buying tons of charcoal every week. Grilling experts all have their favorites and a lot of them would probably fight to the death over their choices...
Great Pumpkin Carving Tips [VIDEO]
Fall has arrived and the stores are chocked full of pumpkins.  For eating, of course, but also for decorating.  But how do you carve a pumpkin?
Look no  further.  This great video shows some simple and easy carving tips to make your pumpkins into many different jack-o-lantern…