People have been drinking alcohol since about 1700 BC when arguably fermenting fruits on purpose got its start around Greece. It's been a party since then. Throughout most of history, you could go someplace, drink until you fell down, climb on your horse and sleep all the way home since the animal knew where the barn and feed were located.

But drinking and operating a 5,000 lb modern automobile are frowned upon, today even self-driving cars are having accidents left and right.

Tomorrow evening (31 May) from 8 PM until 2 AM the Calcasieu Parish Sheriffs Office will conduct a sobriety checkpoint at an undisclosed location in the Parish. The mission is simple: detect and arrest impaired drivers before they cause injury or death to themselves or others.

If you're going to be drinking away from home, plan ahead and designate a sober driver to get you around. Not doing this can be hazardous and even fatal to your health, as well as the innocents you may slam into.


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