It's never a good idea to drive when you've been drinking. it's especially unwise to drive 80 miles an hour in a 60 m.p.h. zone. Well,that's exactly what Jared M. Edwards, 29 of Lake Charles is accused of doing.

Louisiana State Police Troop D spokesman Sgt. James Anderson said the incident happened just before 2 a.m. Sunday. According to Anderson, Edwards was was clocked driving 87 m.p.h. is a zone that was marked at 60 m.p.h. The trooper who actually made the traffic stop says that, when he was stopped, Edwards was allegedly impaired.

According to the police, Edwards didn't take to kindly to being arrested and became rather combative and even kicked troopers and shouted racial slurs at the arresting officers. Needless to  say, such behavior lead to a quick trip to lock-up.

The situation didn't improve when officers got Edwards to the station. Edwards is said to have refused to provide a breath sample. Officers then obtained a thing called a "no refusal" warrant allowing them to draw blood from Edwards at an area hospital. While awaiting analysis on the blood, officers discovered that it was not Edwards first or even second DWI. Edwards was also driving with a suspended license. The charges began to mount up.

As it stands now, Edwards is being charged with , DWI fourth offense, unlawful refusal to submit to a chemical test, operating a vehicle under suspension due to a previous DWI, battery of a police officer, resisting an officer, speeding (87/60), no vehicle insurance, tampering with an ignition interlock device, and a defective license plate lamp,

If Edwards should eventually be found guilty of the charges, Anderson says the man could be facing "substantial" fines and jail time. There could be other penalties as well including impounding Edwards vehicle.

Motorists who observe impaired drivers are encouraged to dial *LSP (*577) to reach the nearest Louisiana State Police troop location or to dial 911 to contact local law enforcement.

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