If we've learned anything about south Louisianians and gumbo is that you don't want to get between the two.

It's literally a sensitive subject that can explode when tomatoes show up unexpectedly or when Disney decides to reveal their special recipe for the signature dish.

Now, the latest gumbo debate comes in the wake of one Facebook user sharing her opinion on social media, drawing a literal line around the places that could be trusted when it comes to preparing a gumbo.


Now, I will say that the places that are included within her circle are very deserving of all gumbo props, but anyone outside of the circle (most notably NOLA, BR, Central, and North Louisiana) will definitely take offense for not making the cut.

I'll pass the mic to you. Tell me how accurate (or inaccurate) Mallory's map is when it comes to the circle of gumbo trust.

Also, let's remember to keep it fun and lighthearted. We can be serious about our gumbo, but not resort to personal attacks over it.d

10 Commandments of Gumbo

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