I hate to admit this, but I did something last night that I've never done before: I attended a Lake Charles City Council Meeting. I know I should be ashamed of myself for not attending more city council meetings, but last night, some friends and I were on a mission, and I'll tell you what that mission was later.

Mayor Roach was there to attend his last official city council meeting and, judging from his reaction to what happened next, he was caught totally off guard by what turned out to be a moving tribute to his 17 year stint as our mayor.

Just as the meeting was getting underway, the Council President, Rodney Geyen, announced that we had some special guests attending the meeting. Those special guests turned out to be members of the Southwest Louisiana Delegation. One by one, the individuals who served with Mayor Roach, both in the state legislature and locally, got up to share their memories of Mayor Roach's long term in office.

Mayor Roach was caught completely off guard by the tribute, and you could tell he was very moved by it all, but that was not the end of the surprises. I was there with my friend, Carson Faske, who was there with a purpose. Carson submitted a proposal to the council that Bord Du Lac Drive be renamed Randy Roach Parkway. That proposal drew a great response from the audience, as well as the council. The proposal will be taken up at the next regular city council meeting.

Here is a wonderful tribute to mayor Roach from a woman who was a wonderful mayor, as well: Willie Mount.

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