One of the best things about SWLA is the amount of local restaurants that serve amazing food you can't find anywhere else in the country.

We asked our Facebook friends exactly that: What are the restaurants in SWLA you would otherwise pass up unless you knew the food there was off-the-scales good? What are the restaurants in SWLA you've told friends to try out and they've never heard of it? What are the mom and pop restaurants in SWLA that put their heart and soul into their food?

Southwest Louisiana residents are passionate about food, that's no secret. However, some of these restaurants are flying under the radar and they need to be known. So check out our list below and find your new favorite restaurant in the area.

Best 'Hole In The Wall' Restaurants In Southwest Louisiana (in no particular order):

  • Lil Cochon's - Iowa
  • Chicken on the Bayou - Henderson
  • In-Law's - Iowa
  • Dairy Barn - Sulphur
  • Green's Cafe - Jennings
  • Cotton's Old Fashioned Hamburgers - Lake Charles
  • The Boiling Point - Sulphur
  • Buffi's PoBoys - Lake Charles
  • Los Ponchos - Moss Bluff
  • Seafood Palace - Lake Charles
  • Southern Spice - Lake Charles
  • Kjun Boos - Moss Bluff
  • Heaven On Earth BBQ - Westlake
  • The Kitchen - Lake Charles
  • Insane Sausages - Vinton
  • Bertha's Catering - Sulphur
  • Rabideaux Sausage Kitchen - Iowa
  • Chasers Bar and Grill - Lake Charles
  • Richard's Boudin & Seafood - Sulphur
  • Rocket Drive - Jennings
  • D.I.'s Cajun Restaurant - Basile
  • Tasterite Jamaica - Lake Charles
  • The Bad Apple Saloon - Lake Charles

Did your favorite restaurant make the list? If not, chat with us in our app and let us know.

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