Back in the summer of 1963, a band from Hawthorne, California consisting of three brothers, a cousin and a neighbor burst upon the scene with a new sound. Of course, that group became known all over the world as The Pendletones! Okay, not so much. Once they changed their name, they became known all over the world as The Beach Boys!

They sold a zillion records and some of the members became millionaires before they graduated high school!

Flash forward 49 years and a week. The Beach Boys new album "That's Why God Made The Radio" debuts at #3 on the Billboard Album charts! By doing so, they set a record that beats another set by a group that was popular around the same time. It seems there were these four guys from England...

Beach Boys Set New Billboard 200 Album Chart Record


By bursting onto the Billboard 200 charts at No. 3, The Beach Boys have surpassed The Beatles to set a new chart record. The band’s reunion set “That’s Why God Made the Radio” is their first album of all-new material since 1992. This album’s success breaks a record by expanding their span of Billboard 200 top 10s to 49 years and one week. Their first top 10 was “Surfin’ USA,” released on the week of June 15, 1963. Their stretch between the first week in the Billboard 200 Top 10 to their most recent is now the longest among groups, passing The Beatles, whose top 10 success spanned 47 years, seven months and three weeks.

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