the beach boys

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and His Wife Name Their Favorite Musicians
Beware Mitt Romney! The last time a politician cited his love for a band – a guy you might know named Paul Ryan talking about Rage Against the Machine – things got a little testy. Ryan, of course, is Romney’s running mate hoping their ticket ends up in the White House. Still, even with the troubled last attempt to talk music by Ryan, Mitt and his wife Ann took a few moments to reveal their music t
Beach Boys New LP a Record Breaker (Bad Pun Intended)
Back in the summer of 1963, a band from Hawthorne, California consisting of three brothers, a cousin and a neighbor burst upon the scene with a new sound. Of course, that group became known all over the world as The Pendletones! Okay, not so much. Once they changed their name, they became known all over the world as The Beach Boys! They sold a zillion records and some of the members became million
2012 Grammy Awards Preview
The 54th Grammy awards are this Sunday and while most of the awards will to to no talents who have ridden some producers coat tails into fame and fortune, there may be a few moments of what the awards were intended to do...and that is celebrate music.. You can't tell the players without a program...with that thought in mind....the envelope please....