Even if your not a fan of Monty Python, there's a little something for everyone in ACTS Theater's production of "Spamalot." In case you are uninitiated when it comes to this Broadway smash, but the bottom line is that the show is "just plain funny."

The production is dedicated to my dear friend Daniel Ieyoub and you can read about what a dear man he really was HERE

Spamalot was written by by Python founding member, Eric Idle, and he stayed true to the wacky spirit of the old material, but managed to pull it all together in a play that makes sense somehow. You can tell the ACTS cast loves the script. They go out and have fun with it every night.

Here's the thing about community theater in general and ACTS specifically: Community theater is made for people who love to act and for people who want to give it a try. that means you may not see Broadway quality acting or singing, but you will see a bunch of people doing theater out of the sheer love of entertaining.

the cast is made up of friends and neighbors and local folks who want to entertain you for an hour or so. They get up there, scared to death on opening night, and they really try. that deserves our support. Get your kids involved in theater and see how they blossom.

ACTS theater is very good about giving everyone a chance. When the season starts again next year, considering auditioning for one of the shows. You don't have to get on stage if you don't want to. Believe me there are a ton of jobs backstage!


This is the last weekend of this show! Get your tickets HERE




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